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We are here to support you from preparing for pregnancy to welcoming you into Motherhood.

At Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic we are here to support you to achieve the pregnancy, delivery and postnatal outcomes you desire to the best of our capability.



To help prepare for a healthy pregnancy, exercise frequently, eat healthily, continue to take the medically recommended vitamin and mineral supplements, and maintain your immunisation status. Dr Beata can provide you with up-to-date necessary medical advice to help you with conceiving.



Once you find out that your expecting, we are here to help. Our antenatal care starts with a comprehensive 45 minute visit routinely between 10-12 weeks gestation (or earlier if you prefer). Our antenatal care will then continue throughout your second and third trimester. Routinely antenatal appointments are on a monthly basis until 28 weeks, then fortnightly until 36 weeks and then weekly until delivery, however we understand that every pregnancy is unique and not all patients will stick to this structure.



When the time comes to deliver your baby, you will be in safe hands. Dr Beata Peter-Przyborowska will work very closely with the Mater Midwives to keep you fully informed throughout your delivery and time in hospital. With support from various allied health and Nursing staff, Dr Beata will make sure you are comfortable and have access to all the support services that you may require.



Dr Beata will see you for a 6 week postnatal check in her rooms, with support from other third party providers she will be able help you get access to paediatricians, breastfeeding consultants, and clinicians to help with postnatal depression.

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