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Fertility Advice

Our Fertility Specialist is here to support you in your decision to have a baby and to maximise your probability of success.

Deciding whether to add to your family is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. However conception does not come easily for everybody, and you may need a little help.

If your struggling to conceive, it’s important to know your not alone. Infertility can be caused by male and female factors, so here at Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic we assess everybody’s situation on a case by case basis.

Dr Beata offers thorough pre-conception consultations that involve

  • Ensuring your pap smear is up to date
  • A blood test to confirm you immunisation status
  • A scan that checks the ovaries and other reproductive organs
  • A discussion about diet and vitamins
  • Discussing a range of fertility testing and which ones are suitable for you
  • Advice on cycle tracking.

With support from Monash IVF Dr Beata can offer the following IVF services

  • IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation
  • ICSI – Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • Ovulation Induction

Dr Beata can also provide advice alongside Monash IVF in regards to

  • Donor & Surrogacy – Using donor sperm, Using donor Egg, Surrogacy
  • Fertility Preservation – Egg Freezing

To book a consultation with Dr Beata Peter-Przyborowska to talk about your fertility options, please ask for a referral from your GP and call us on 07 4772 0084 to schedule an appointment.



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